Hope in Infertility with Nicole Clark – S3 E16

Nicole Clark is a wife, mom, and a former background dancer for Justin Timberlake (yes!). But more than that, Nicole is someone who knows intimately the pain and heartache of infertility. It was through her own struggle with infertility that her ministry, Twelve12, was born.

Twelve12 Ministries creates a safe space for emotional restoration, physical healing, and spiritual discipleship for women who have or are experiencing infertility, miscarriage or infant loss. Through their programs and resources, they are giving women hope during some of their darkest days.

We loved getting to know Nicole and hearing more about Twelve12 Ministries. For more information, visit www.twelve12ministries.org or on Instagram @twelve12ministries.

Today’s episode is sponsored by Zencastr! We use Zencastr to record the Page of Our Lives because it is an easy-to-use, all-in-one podcast production suite that gives you studio quality audio and video without needing all the technical know-how.

Zencastr makes it easy for us to record from two separate locations and have special guests be part of our show. We just set up the link to record in the Zencastr online suite, send out the link and poof! We’re recording!

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