It’s Prom Season! – S3 E13

It’s prom season pretty much everywhere you look right now. Recently Paige saw her two oldest kids have their first prom experience. From the dresses, to the pictures, to the promposals, one thing’s for sure, prom in 2022 is nothing like it was when we were in high school.  All of the glitter and glam had the two of us reminiscing about our own proms and laughing about the memories on today’s episode. 

Join us for this fun look at a page of our lives on today’s episode.

Today’s episode is sponsored by Zencastr! We use Zencastr to record the Page of Our Lives because it is an easy-to-use, all-in-one podcast production suite that gives you studio quality audio and video without needing all the technical know-how.

Zencastr makes it easy for us to record from two separate locations and have special guests be part of our show. We just set up the link to record in the Zencastr online suite, send out the link and poof! We’re recording!

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Listen to this episode:

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