What We’re Reading, Eating and What’s the Deal with ASMR Videos – S3 E9

This episode is truly a page of our lives! We cover all kinds of topics, from what we’re eating, to what we’re reading, to what the heck ASMR videos are. It’s an episode for all your senses!

Links to all the recipes, books and videos mentioned in this episode are available below.

Listen to this episode:

Links we mention:

If I Were You by Lynn Austin

Panzanella Salad recipe

Slap Ya Mama seasoning

Instant Pot Egg Loaf recipe

Low Carb Norma on TikTok

ASMR – Pioneer Woman Restocks Her Refrigerator in ASMR Style

Blank Canvas by Marcy Gregg

Ripple Effects by Pam Tebow

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