Connecting Your Passion to Your Purpose – S3 E8

If you’ve ever struggled with knowing what you’re supposed to be doing with your life, know that you’re not alone. We have been there and can attest that when you learn to identify your passions, it will help you uncover your purpose. 

Paige is currently on a similar journey. She’s been working with business and life coach Tricia Dempsey of Thrive Her to help define her passions and build a life around her God-given purpose. Paige shares some of her journey with us on this episode. 

Leslee shares about her own passion projects and talks about the importance on not despising small beginnings. Everyone has to start at zero when they step out to create something new. Taking time to recognize the doors you’ve been through on the journey is a powerful way to encourage yourself and keep going. 

Listen to this episode:

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 Tricia Dempsey of Thrive Her

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