Find Your People – S3 E5

On this episode, Paige and Leslee recap their week which includes Paige’s washing machine troubles and Leslee celebrating her husband’s birthday.

But we quickly take a serious turn when Paige shares about her recent read, Jennie Allen’s new book, “Find Your People.” In this book, Jennie talks about the power and importance of living life in community and not waiting until you’re in a difficult season to reach out for help.

There are some powerful discussion questions in the book, which we dig into on today’s episode. Going through the questions together, Leslee and Paige get vulnerable, share a page of their lives and the different challenges they are facing.

Listen to this episode:

Links we mention:

Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud

Boundaries in Marriage by Dr. Henry Cloud

She Works His Way by Michelle Myers and Somer Phoebus

Find Your People by Jennie Allen

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