How Gratitude Impacts Your Body, Mind & Spirit – S2 E5

We are excited to kick off a new month on the Page of Our Lives. All month long we will be talking about gratitude! From the impact it has on our physical bodies to the way it lowers anxiety, to hearing stories of people who are living lives through a lens of gratitude – we’ll cover gratitude from all the angles.  

On today’s show, we’re looking at the impact gratitude has on our body, mind and spirit. It’s pretty remarkable all the ways having an attitude of gratitude can positively impact you. It helps fight depression, helps you accomplish tasks, it even helps you make friends! 

We are also launching our November Gratitude Challenge! All month long we’re encouraging our listeners to write down three things they’re grateful for each day. We will share our lists throughout the month and we also want you to share them with us! You can message us through our Instagram or Facebook accounts @pageofourlivespodcast, or email us at 

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