Learning to Rise + Shine with Dara LaPorta – S1 E4

Anybody else hit the snooze button more than once each morning? If you struggle to get up and at ’em each day, this podcast is for you.

We visit with Dara LaPorta, founder of Fit to Shine. Dara is someone who has literally made a business of getting up early. As a busy mom, wife and fitness coach, Dara has learned that getting up early has revolutionized her day. Now she’s sharing the secret to becoming an early riser with her online training course, Rise + Shine.

So, wipe the sleep from your eyes, grab a second cup of Joe if you must, and jump in the POOL as we visit with Dara LaPorta.

Find out more about Dara at www.daralaporta.com.

YouTube Interview

Audio Interview

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